Sauvignon blanc has had an unbreakable grip on wine drinkers’ affections for so long that you wonder what it will take to dislodge it. Varieties like riesling, pinot gris and viognier are periodically touted but I just don’t see it happening.

I have a hunch that there’s one wine that could do it: vermentino, which is produced mainly in Sardinia, Corsica and Provence.

 2016 Figuirere Le Saint Andre, Provence, France $18

At the head of this flourishing business is Alain Combard, a passionate and exacting man who leaves nothing to pure chance. Alain Combard was born in Salon de Provence and being native to the region, the love of wine runs in his veins.After having started his career in winemaking in the region of Chablis together with his friend Michel Laroche, twenty-two years later, Alain Combard decided to return to his native soil.

2016 Bisson "Portofino" Liguria, Italy $26

Bisson crafts the finest Pigato and Vermentino from Liguria. Tight, juicy lip smacking dry.

2015 Maixei Riviera Ligure di Ponete Liguria, Italy $ 22

Lime, green apple, pear and yellow peach aromas. medium-bodied, refreshing, fruit-driven and minerally. Great with fish soups and stews, vegetable risotto, grilled seafood and fish.

2016 Le Giare di Sardegna Sardinia, Italy $15

2016 Aia Vecchia, Tuscany, Italy $16