In recent years the vineyards of South West France have benefited, not only from increased consumer awareness, but also from much improved production techniques. Greater dedication on the part of the growers and significant investment in new equipment has been well supported by the banks. Younger generations of winemakers are no longer relying on the family know how, but increasingly going to oenological school, and in more and more cases travelling abroad to see at first hand how other world winemakers have captured large chunks of their export market.


$12 CHAteau lastours '15 (gaillac)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Fer Servadou. If Gaillac wines had kept the reputation they had in the 15th century, they would be as famous today as Bordeaux. Landlocked between Toulouse and Albi, the region depended upon Bordeaux to export its wines, whose merchants and shippers made sure they never got a fair chance. The De Faramond family benefits from an advantageous hillside plots, overlooking the Tarn River, and from the dual influence from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Medium-light garnet color, aromas of cherry-cassis
and oregano, with a light herbaceous note. Crisp and full, with some fine mature tannins.

$12 chateau lastours rose '16 (gaillac)


$20 chateau peyros madiran "vieille vignes" '12

This property dates back from the 17th century and was bought by Jean Jacques Lesgourgues in 1997. With a new viticulture policy and after major investments, Chateau Peyros is now one of the leaders in the appellation. Beautiful dark ruby color with garnet-red tints. 
Generous nose of fresh fruit with hints of plum, cocoa, and light toast. Very soft on the palate, with fruit and grilled flavors. Long finish with fine, round and well-matured tannins. 80% Tannat, 20% Cabernet Franc.


$15 chateau peyros madiran '12

The Tannat (60%)Cabernet Franc(40%) varietals grow in a rock-hard and iron rich chalky clay soil. This soil is so hard that it takes a pair of oxen to rip it up! To accommodate the oxen, vines are planted more widely apart than normally seen in Europe. The Château Peyros Tannat-Cabernet is produced with vines that are 20-25 years of age. A rich nose of fresh fruit with hints of plum, coffee and cocoa. Soft on the palate, with fruity and roasted flavors. The finish is fresh, ripe, and round. 

$19 domaine laurens "cuvee pierres rouges" marcillac '15

Concentrated dark purple. Nose of peony with ripe red fruits and earth undertones. Crushed red currant and blackberry, cassis and spice on the finish. Supple tannins. Smooth and elegant. 100% Fer Servadou.