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chateau de montgueret “tete de cuvee” saumur brut

Loire Valley, france  

People who believe that champagne or sparkling wines made in the style associated with the famous region are only for holidays or toasts are really missing out on a vast realm of pleasurable experience. This wonderful bottle is a case in point. Made in Saumur, the heart of the Loire Valley, where the calcareous rock, tuffeau, has created not only magnificent terroir, but empty quarries magnificent for cellaring and aging, this is not a frivolous wine. It has a unique, serious heft and deep, robust color that really deserves to be savored on its own merits rather than splashed and gulped. Produced in a temperate maritime clime, with the Saumur hills buffering the western winds, the plots further from the Loire have a continental feel. Continually gaining respectability, the area’s wines are fast becoming the go-to for white Burgundy admirers looking for affordable options. This is a superb first-course starter or accompaniment for lighter or spicy meals. It really must be tasted!